Role of Brain in Losing Weight Process

Head to toe, the mirror shows you packed in layers of fat and regardless of all the tricks you have tried to cut those nasty extra pounds, the progress is disappointing. Can you relate to this situation? Are you also a victim of obesity and rigid body fat?

Minus 40 grams of fat and plus 55 grams of protein every day equal to the same weight as before? Ever wondered why the numbers and portions do not help as much as they ought to do? Well, the answers to these questions are embedded deep in your psychology, you just need to explore them yourself. No matter how much you wish to shake your head and deny this simple fact, the truth will stay there.

For better understanding, below are the three psychological aspects that have a role to play in losing weight.

  1. The Monster Stress and Obesity

In a stress-busting life, internal as well as external stress is only real. Stress is not a myth, and it has a role to play in preserving the extra pounds. Here is what happens when you become tensed about something

  • In an unhappy season, the levels of the stress hormone called cortisol aim for the sky
  • If the situation becomes part and parcel of daily life, cortisol shifts the body’s metabolism into the fat storage mode
  • In this way, the body enters a survival response that slows down weight loss process in order to preserve energy. As a result, unwanted fat stays with you for FOREVER!

In short, a chronic stressful situation can cause weight gain. So, if you are suffering from any similar health condition, then it’s the right time to end your worries and be optimistic.

  1. The Role of Pleasure and Contentment in Weight Loss

Pleasure runs antiparallel to the stress. In fact, it is a good way to trick stress away from the body. A generously supportive science also plays a crucial part in helping us understand how pleasure can contribute in burning excess fat. Find out how

  • Pleasure and satisfaction about something shifts the body’s gears from the sympathetic nervous mode, that is a fight or flight setup of the body, to the parasympathetic nervous mode, which is the relaxed mode of the body
  • In the relaxed mode, the body is assisted by the supportive biological systems
  • For example, in the case of having food with good aroma, that strikes a pleasing note in your mind, the cephalic phase of digestive response is achieved. This response, in turn, alerts the digestive track about the arrival of food in the body. A ready digestive system translates into quick and efficient digestion that aids in weight loss

Hence, the role of pleasure is evident in helping to cut weight.

  1. The Role of Behavior in Weight Management

Your behavior mainly revolves around your beliefs, attitudes, and willpower; all of which have roots in the psychology.  For instance, you have gathered zillions of tips to battle weight gain yet those don’t show much of a positive result. The reason is, deep in your mind, you are sure that those remedies won’t yield much and you are never meant to be as slim as your next-door neighbor.

Unless and until you do not align your beliefs and feelings with the steps you are taking to cut back the pounds, you won’t be able to see your efforts budding any sweet fruit. Will power plays an important role in achieving any goal. If you wish to do something with all your heart, then no one can be  a hurdle. Commitment, devotion and sincerity leads to positive outcomes.

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As we all know, brain is responsible for controlling all the functions of a human body. Our emotions, thinking, functions and even weight management is handled by brain. A negative atmosphere can affect your mental health and vice versa. Similarly, a negative mental condition is responsible for a bunch of other health issues, including weight gain.

In order to achieve desired fitness goal, the first thing you should do is to end your negativity. Negative vibes imbalance hormones in the body and causes weight gain. On the other hand, positivity will have a pleasant affect on your health and stored fat. The last and the most important thing in the weight loss journey is your will power. No external power can force you to do something that you are not willing to do. Be sincere with yourself before anyone else. That’s what weight management is all about!

Final Words

Just like any other function of organs, brain also plays an important role in weight gain/reduction. Our thinking, stress level and balanced hormones, everything is essential in this regard. So, if you really wish to get in shape, then improve yourself mentally before any ado.

Nothing in this world is impossible, as long as you are willing to do it!


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