Mama June Before Her Skin Removal Surgery Said: I’m Kinda Gonna Miss My Turkey Neck

Recently, Mama June Shannon amazed her fans by shedding her extra pounds and flaunting her slimmed down body.

Mama June Weight Loss

The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo celeb started this journey from a simple step of keeping an eye on her health.

Being heart-broken from her failed marriage and wedding of her cheating ex-husband, Mama June decided to create the much needed change now!

Mama June documented her journey through Not-to-Hot:

Mama june 2017The 37 year old decided to show her weight loss journey through a reality show From Not-to-Hot and surprised everyone with her tremendous weight loss.

In the first few episodes, she was documented undergoing surgical procedures and her fear for the methods.

That’s how she started and followed post-surgical diet plans strictly.

Her surgery was not the regular gastric bypass but a more intricate one, gastric sleeve. Besides, Mama June had to undergo various skin removal surgeries too.

Mama June’s reaction before her last skin removal surgery:

Mama June was quite confused before the surgery and had various doubts regarding the results. Surgery was supposed to remove the excess skin on her neck and arms.

In a recent episode of From Not to Hot aired on Entertainment Tonight, the star met a surgeon before the surgical procedure in Los Angeles. In the clip she informed that she was in L.A and her surgery is about to start. After the surgery, she will become the skinny Mama June!

Mama June had doubts about the surgical outcomes:

The former star from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo started to get skeptical about the results. She said she was too nervous for the upcoming surgery and had doubts about the results.

Her state of disbelief was so high that she started to utter statements like “Am I going to be able to open my mouth to eat, to talk?”

What if something goes wrong with the surgery?

She was not sure if she would be able to attend her ex-husband Mike’s wedding, as she really wanted to do. She badly wanted to appear with her slimming body in the wedding and get her photo shoot done.

Both of them shared a daughter Alana (Honey Boo Boo) and parted their ways in September 2014. Mike remarried in 2015 to Jennifer Lamb.

Shannon said “I’m Kinda Gonna Miss My Turkey Neck”

mama june after weight lossAlthough Mama June was all excited to see her new look, she said she will miss her old self. She was completely ready for the skin removal procedure on her turkey neck, but was sure of missing her turkey neck.

Well, that’s because her neck is more famous than her!

Throughout her journey, Shannon started from 400 pounds to size 4 with the help of gastric sleeve, diet and workouts.

She underwent some skin removal surgeries on her arms and neck, breast lift and tummy folds.

Is Mama June happy now?

Latest news has surfaced regarding the reality star, which hints that she is not satisfied with her ongoing surgeries.

As per a recent report, she is feeling like Frankenstein after her skin removal surgery. The star seems too frustrated and demotivated from her ongoing journey and feels like quitting it right away!

Mama June’s latest photos show her all bruised and bandaged. Her recent appearance has made her sad and unhappy and she feels the need for a break!

So, what can be her next step? Well, her fans are confused too!

Why is she so upset?

Mama June’s fans are upset because of her state and unhappiness.

Mama june surgery

The question which arises here is what made the star felt this way. Why is she so demotivated to continue her journey? Well, the answer is quite self-explanatory.

Mama June embarked this tough journey with an aim to look good and beautiful. She might be more interested to avenge her cheating ex-husband by showing her transformed body on his wedding day.

But unfortunately, results were not as expected, or this is what she felt.

Even after undergoing various surgical procedures and rigorous workouts, all she got was bruised and bandaged body.

And definitely, this is not what she expected to happen in the end. So, her reaction seems more justifiable now!

Our two cents for Mama June:

Well Mama June, being on a weight loss journey is a rough ride and same goes for you!

The rigorous routine might have taken a toll on your health and morale too, but this is just one side of the reality and ironically the bitterest one.

If you look at the other side then you will realize that you have come a long way and going back will make you extremely unhappy.