3 Ways To Avoid Hair Loss

The hairs on your head is acts like a crown, whether your hair is long, straight and curly. Hair is an expression of individual’s with the different hair styles, personality and attitude.

Hair is product resulting from the normal growth cycles and when disturbances is occurred in growth cycles, contribute a reason we have hair loss.

The sources that interrupt your normal cycles are medication ,infection or chemicals associated with any health problems ,have the potential to stop or lower the hair being formed properly.

The hair loss is mostly experience in man then women’s ,usually losing of hair and thinning of hair .It can happen in any age due to many reasons .The rate at which hair grows about 6 inches per year in most of the people.

If you are conscious about the cause of hair loss than look no further content then the content you are reading right now.

Causes Of Hair Loss :

1.Nutritional Deficiencies:

The hair is like a plant on your garden, more you provide essential nutrients as more will faster the growth of your plants.

The hair is mainly shows your health status. Maintain your diet to boost your hair growth. http://www.cliffysbeautyshop.com

Are you getting enough nutrients from diet ?

The deficiency of vitamins will lead to participate in your hair loss .Increase your uptake of vitamin D from the sun rays during the morning time ,but if it is not possible for you so add a supplement of vitamin D in your diet.

Deficiency in an another minerals such as zinc, copper ,amino acids and proteins may also cause hair loss.

Add the protein in your diet because a large amount of protein made your hair.

In my opinion, Egg is complete and best for your health and hair too because it is loaded with an all essential nutrients that is required by your growth of hair.

Consult with your doctor : If you are noticing an unusual hair loss, so you should consult with your doctor.

2.Hormonal Imbalance :

In women’s decline in level of hormones begins in their 30’S which can cause hair loss and may be balding. This is due to dihydrotestosterone conversion .Testosterone and other androgens including DHEA also produce by women’s body.

As the aging start in women, they may begin conversion of these androgens into DHT.

3.Pregnancy :

Women may feel their hair becomes thicker during pregnancy because of higher level of hormones, but after the birth of baby ,these strands are fallout .This can be an alarming but hair turns back to their normal may take up to two years .

4.Birth control pills :

The potential side effects of birth control pills is hair loss .The pill containing hormones which suppress a process of an ovulation can cause hair thinning.

5.Extreme stress :

Onset of stress full event, you may observed sudden hair loss and it will continues for up to several months .The stress can elevate your cortisol ,a hormone and suppress your happy hormone.

The meditation techniques ,relaxing and aromatherapy bath can reduce stress.

  1. Use of harsh hair product that containing toxic chemical :

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a chemical compound mostly found in all shampoos ,having a toxic effects on your immune system as well as on hair follicles.

Over treated hair can also lead to falling of hair because the chemicals are toxic that are found in dyes and styling products.

7.Aging :

As the aging start, you may experienced slower growth of hair ,strands becomes smaller ,finer and reduce in an amount of melanin which can lead to grey of hair .

To avoid hair loss from aging, eat whole food which help to keep your body healthy as well as your hair too.

How To Avoid Hair Loss :

  • Exercises :

Exercise are mostly beneficial for your overall health. Benefits of exercise are not only limited to weight loss but it can also provide a benefits for hair loss.

The increase in blood and oxygen flow through exercises can pump essential nutrients towards the head region especially nourishes hair follicles can lead to growth of hair and also reduce thinning of hair.

  • Healthy Diet :

Eat is most important for your health .Hair loss can be a reason of deficiency in any mineral. Manage your diet with intake of minerals such as an iron, zinc, copper and many others .

Increase intake of protein rich foods.

  • Use Provillus :

Are you losing more hair and what can you do about your hair loss.

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